Kent Griswold


Daily Scripture is a ministry run by Kent Griswold. The goal is to reach out to the busy person on the internet and spread God’s word through email and now a blog.

About Me. I’m not big on talking about myself but several people have asked so I will give you a brief rundown. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian layman. Not a Pastor or Minister, just someone who got involved in the internet a few years ago and wanted to use it to spread God’s word. I am married to my wife Janelle for 38 years. We have two children, Emily and Ted. We currently live in Bend, Oregon. My wife is a teacher and I work as an internet publisher. Nature photography and hiking are my favorite hobbies, so you may see the picture change occasionally with some of my work. I am not perfect so please excuse my errors in my emails or times when I am unable to send the scripture out or keep the blog up when I am out of town.

Daily Scripture is offered FREE to anyone interested in receiving an uplifting scripture from a modern translation in your email box daily, Monday through Friday. Daily Scripture currently use two versions of the Bible. The Message and the New Living Translation.

Daily Scripture started in June of 1998. I rely on our subscribers to share the scriptures with their friends so that our list may grow.

Daily Scripture will be posted in a variety of modern translations, Monday through Friday.

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