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Kent Griswold and family.

Daily Scripture is a ministry run by me Kent Griswold. The goal is to reach out to the busy person on the internet and spread God’s word through the different medial on the internet.

About Me. I’m not big on talking about myself but several people have asked so I will give you a brief rundown. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian layman. Not a Pastor or Minister, just someone who got involved in the internet a few years ago and wanted to use it to spread God’s word. I am married to my wife Janelle for 40 years. We have two children, Emily and Ted and 3 grandchildren. We currently live in Bend, Oregon. My wife is a retired teacher and I work as an internet publisher. Nature photography and hiking are my favorite hobbies, so the scripture photos are pictures I have taken with an iPhone7 or iPhone 13 Pro.

Daily Scripture is offered FREE to anyone interested in viewing an uplifting scripture from a variety of modern translations.

Daily Scripture started in June of 1998 and was sent out by email. Currently it is available on this blog and via social media. I am looking again at possibly delivering it by email again soon.

Daily Scripture is posted Monday through Friday.

You can also follow on social media.

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  1. This is so great! I’ve really appreciated the Daily Scriptures for several years. This is even better, especially if you’re going to make comments on the scripture occasionally. Thank you for this very much!

  2. Kent,

    Thank you for your service. These daily scripture have been a part of my day now for more than a year. The blog looks great and I will be sure to utilize it on a regular basis. May God Always Bless You.

  3. Daily Scriptures has been a constant encouragement in my busy world to reflect on the Word of GOD, have been getting scripture for almost 2yrs.This is gr8 work, have forwarded this to lot of my friends.

  4. Thanks for your Daily Scriptures – We share them with members of our AOL prayer-teaching groups, which we started on 9/11/2001!
    Your ministry has been blessing to many. We encourage them to subscribe to your devotionals.

    Again, thanks for a job well done. In this world of darkness, just a small email brings much light to others – when shared in love and
    expressing His grace. HIs Glory shines through when we take the time to tell others the Good News!

    Sue Sabas, Founder
    Hasten Together
    Cybernet Ministry

  5. Can we get a devotional more than once a week? I know everyday may be too difficult, but a some sort of ‘quiet time’ guide for each day would be awesome!

    Thanks for all that you share.

  6. I am willing to do a devotional more than once a week on this blog. However, I would like to do a survey with the list to see if there is real interest. I tried to do a devotional with the DailyScriptureDevotional.com site and have not had much interest. However if it was integrated into the Daily Scripture site there might be more readers and interest. Thank you Mary for the suggestion.

  7. Kent – The daily prayers have helped me tremendously of late. Each have come and spoken to my heart in a timely way that is profound. Thank you for your ministry.

  8. Today was a very troubling time for me but a Good friend sent me the message of the day. I felt renewed and it remained me of Gods love for me and how this journey in my life is guided by him and not to be afear and be strong for he is right by my side.

  9. Good Day Kent,

    When one is blessed in meeting in life, others that have a great heart with a love and concern for their fellow humans, they are to be cherished.
    You are in that catergory in my mind and heart for all you do each day for others.

    Thank you Kent Griswold!

    John J. Rigo
    Author and Publisher of
    Amidst Series of Poetry Books
    non-profit books to serve the
    “Homeless Cause” of Texas

  10. Kent,

    Thank you for your Daily Scripture Blog. It has become an important part of my life. Early in the morning, when I seek the Lord….I go to your blog and meditate on Gods word. This has allowed me to grow and recieve blessings for my day ahead.

    Thank you very much, for allowing God
    to use you this way!

    May GBU continually!

  11. Hi, I just want to say I love your blog! I check it nearly every day 🙂 A little less than a year ago I was going through deep struggles and your daily reminders along with further searching the Bible and many private talks with God, I have overcome and see the brighter day ahead. Thank you & God bless you. Love, thankful

  12. Good Morning Kent,

    It is another year of blessings from our Lord and Savior. With the big 70 coming upon me early this year, I am so thankful for your site, and the opportunity to share my non-profit spiritually-centered poetry with you and your faithful followers. Blessings in your individual journey.


  13. ??????,
    I’m older than dirt (88 next March). That “??????” means “Hi” to you and also to inform you that I am in Ukraine and found Satan’s seat as I seek relief to orphans by my social insecurity. Opened new folder” “Daily War News” 29.06.11 same day I came upon your website. Made 5 file-postings got knocked down 16.07.11 but not out. Typical day here: electric off all day. Computer wiped clean when power back on. First thing on screen “Daily War News”. I open and consider. I am almost same Kent (????) as I find in your “About” except for your technical gifts. Our common strongly used text is Luke 11:23 which brought me to Ukraine on God’s catapult James 1:27. I now show proof of my presence in Ukraine. I will post this at 18:52 hours our time on January 16, 2012. You check and write to me – I have plan to go website about the orphans in Ukraine. Maybe my other-world Christians will help to pay for your services. Scuse me for just being former USA business man and WW2 combat veteran. Bye for now ????. ????? ???? ?????? (Kent Kelley son of James)

  14. Kent,

    It is now going on five years that you have had my spiritually-centered poetry site featured on your site under “Texas Poet.” I just wanted to take time to say again “Thank You” for your support of my work. It is my hope that daily my poetry work will help another possible “lost soul” along their own individual journey.

  15. Dear Kent,

    It is now six years that you have had my site as a featured site on your wonderful blog of inspiration. I am overwelmed by your show of support for my work. I do not consider myself the actual creator of my poetry work and the journey of my own life it relates. It is the Holy Spirit sent from my Lord and Savior who creates all things beautiful and good. Last week, my blog surpassed 60,000 hits. I have been blessed in knowing that a portion of the work has truly helped hundreds suffering with depression. I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with this opportunity. Blessings in your further journey Ken.

  16. Good Morning Kent,

    With the Christmas holidays in play, I thought I would visit your site this a.m. I try to visit often and read your postings often, but have been amist lately with our recent retirement from our State Farm Agency of 28 years in McKinney, Texas. We have since sold our McKinney home and are now fully retired to East Texas on Cedar Creek Lake, 45 minutes from downtown Dallas. Retired is not really the word with the purchase of a 30 acre farm and ranch nine miles from our lakehome. A Farm that will see the beginning of a vineyard in “His Name” come this coming Spring: http://stewart-rigowinery.com It is our eventual goal to build a wine tasting room on the property and have events serving the “Homeless causes of Henderson County, Texas.” This county is known to be one of the poorest countey’s in East Texas. I was saddened and surprised to see that for some reason, postings on this site seemed to have ceased last December for some reason, but is still on-line. I understand the time demands in maintaining a web site to serve others. Mine has just surpassed 63,000 hits with close to 450 members. A small number compared to the numbers of your site. If the seeming ceasing of your site is for financial reasons, please let me know. I am sure my wife and I can find a way to assist you. Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season and thank you for all the great things you do for others in having this website. John J. Rigo aka Texas Poet: texaspoetry.net

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