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  1. John J. Rigo says:

    sadly I recently had to close my site, ‘Words Upon My Stone” and transfer my work to a new site titled, This was due to a poison pen type letter that was send to my wife, who is suffering through her second bout of breast cancer. Beside removing the web blog site, I had to remove all my other domain sites that were related to my no cost charity centered poetry work, where all the profits to to assist the homeless cause in the state of Texas. It is my prayer that in the future that such acts will be classifed as a First Degree Federal Felony crime. To the readers of this site, who contributed to my over five thousand hit count in a very short time, my deepest thanks for sharing and responding to my charity centered poetry work on my previous site. It is my hope and prayer that the readers of this site will continue to read and respond to my work on my new wordpress site.

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