Life – Proverbs 20:27

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  1. John J. Rigo says:

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    “The Insight of Our Lives” copyright 2005 John J. Rigo “Roses Amidst Thorns” can be found with others on

    Ever so often,
    God in His mercy,
    renders us the insight
    of our lives.
    The purpose of all of this,
    which most of time,
    remains hidden.

    It is a way of keeping the gift before us.
    A way to show us what we are here for,
    and what is ahead.
    A way of sharing the joy,
    to encourage us,
    to reward us,
    to place us on the path of wholeness.

    It is but part of a second,
    a flash of memory that lingers on,
    leaving the shape of hope,
    and faith bound to us,
    within the depth of us. l

  2. Raul Warburton says:

    I really love poetry, Poetry helps me express my own feelings. I usually write my own poetry in a scratch paper and a small notebook. *.’,*


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