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  1. Amy says:

    this is a great one, we all need to remember this, especially at this time of year…

  2. Imogen says:

    My husband and I have to trust the Lord for our finances. This means we are accountable to God for our spending. It also means we need to give to others and tithe regularly. We are now experiencing an increase in His provision. This is because we have passed the financial tests He has given us therefore He can trust us with more. Our Father has been so faithful in His provision.

    There was a time when He said not to go on any benefit even though we had no set income coming in. I suffered a nervous breakdown as a result but the end product was blessing as a result of obedience to the Father. My husband and I are experiencing the blessing now in our lives. My husband and I need to keep our focus on God rather than on the money otherwise it becomes idolatry. We have been learning a lot about the way God wants us to handle money and hope to encourage others with this knowledge.

    I have had to learn to be less selfish in the way I spend money. This means discussing every financial need with my husband. My husband makes the ultimate decision but he always does this after discussing the situation with me. The way we handle our finances is a reflection of the spiritual order in our household. It is also a reflection of the way we view God – will we submit to His ways of ordering our money? The way we handle our finances reveals the state of our heart and our spiritual condition. It also reveals our motives and priorities. This is why there are so many scriptures on money in the Bible.

    I would like to encourage anyone reading this that you are precious to God. Just make those small steps each day in deferring to God with your finances. He will honour your faithfulness and bless you as you obey Him. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Imogen.

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