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  1. Imogen says:

    God’s love is amazing! There have been times when I have suffered that I have wondered whether God loves me. I saw Him as angry. However I realise now that I was out of balance in my view of God. I had taken my eyes off Jesus and focused on my feelings and circumstances. A tremendously comforting scripture is in Romans 8:35-39 where it says that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

    Now I am having a daily revelation of God’s manifested in His goodness towards me. He helps me, leads me, talks to me, comforts me, restores me, heals me, redeems me and reveals more of His precious Son Jesus to me. As I draw near to Him He draws near to me. He shows me areas of my life that I need to cut off. I do that by repenting, asking for forgiveness and healing/deliverance. I also ask Him to reveal more of His Love to me because I need to know His Love is the motivation for my change. I need to know that it is because He loves me that He reveals areas of my life where He needs to be King.

    My husband gave me some wise counsel. He said the key to my walk is keeping my eyes focused on Jesus. Jesus puts everything into perspective. He is the centre of the Gospel. He is the centre of my faith. He is the manifestation of God’s Love (John 3:16).

    I find the daily scripture Hosea 2:19 so comforting. This speaks of God’s love for me. God will make me His and I will know Him. This is because He is faithful. He has made me His because He has saved me. I am progressively coming to know Him better each day (Philippians 3:10) as He reveals more of Himself to me.

    I pray that anyone who doubts God’s love ask for a revelation of God’s love. Ask Him to show you His love everyday. Ask Him to heal you so you can receive revelation of His Love. Ask Him to be your loving Father. Ask Him to help you change as He gently pinpoints areas in your life that need to yield to Him.



  3. No subject is more profound for our life. God bless you.

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