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  1. Imogen says:

    The Holy Spirit has been quickening this verse to me. My husband and I have needs that we are trusting God to meet. I was focusing on the needs instead of focusing on the King of the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit showed me that Provision flows out of right relationship with God. We appropriate the right relationship Jesus Christ has with Father by trusting in Jesus within. Within us is where the kingdom of heaven exists. It is also where Jesus Christ sits enthroned as King over every area of our lives.

    We have turned our focus to Jesus Christ. We are finding that God shows Himself as our Provider as we trust in Jesus who is our complete Provision and perfect Provider. God has been so faithful.

    Twelve months ago we both had no work and I was unwell. However twelve months later I have a job and my husband assists a ministry in administration and discipling men. We are both in very good health. He Provides in every area of our life. We sense His Presence more in our lives. He continues to heal our souls. He is healing our bodies. He has given us wonderful promises to hold on to.

    I just want to encourage people reading this that God puts eternity in our hearts. When we accept Jesus as our LORD and Saviour He Provides Himself to fill the eternity in our hearts. This is true satisfaction. Only God can provide this!

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