Child is Born

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  1. John J. Rigo says:

    “By His Manger” copyright 2005 John J. Rigo, Christmas excerpt from non-profit poetry book, “Rainbows Amidst Storms.” All profits from the “Amidst Series of Poetry Books” go to serve the “Homeless Cause” in the State of Texas:

    Set aside your burden at my manger.
    I have come to give My Love to you.
    Set aside your fears,
    put away your tears.
    Have I not promised by my arrival,
    eternal, everlasting joy to you.
    Light beyond sight,
    sound in tune with angels’ voices,
    singing in My Love for you.
    Come closer and bathe in my light.
    Look into my eyes and see the innocence,
    in the truth of My Love,
    and care for you,
    now and forever.

    My deepest thanks and appreciation to Kent the owner of this site, who gives numberous hours of his time for this non-profit ministry which serves the christian spirit of others.

    John J. Rigo
    “A Texas Poet” under his links

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