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  1. John J. Rigo says:

    “One Night” copyright 2005 John J. Rigo, Christmas excerpt from non-profit book to serve the “Homeless Cause” in the state of Texas.

    Steely, the night shown against iced blackness,
    with a white diamond star blazing in the heavens.
    Hints of soft voices whispered in the wind.
    The weary shepherds pushed forward on their staffs,
    looking forward to the comfort of their tents.
    Beyond the hills, the sky glowed.
    A choir of voices was heard with a sweet clarity,
    the sound of bells vibrated among the sound of horns.
    The animals spooked, deaf to the commands of their masters.
    The wind increased in its volume and strength.
    The shepherds were filled with fear.
    Light overshadowed the darkness,
    during the mist of night.
    Within the light formed,
    the most beautiful soft,white, and gold of human-like forms, shining against the sky.
    The shepherd’s breath stopped in their throats.
    Filled with excitement and happiness beyond their capacity to describe, their skin prickled.
    Heavenly voices brought words to their ears;
    words singing of kindness, understanding, peace,
    and anticipation to these men of the field.
    The voices told of a special child that would unlock the gates of fear and bring eternal love,
    to the future of the world.
    This happened on a special night,
    a long, long time ago.

  2. Imogen says:

    Jesus is the true Shepherd! I experience his shepherding every day of my life. If he is the Shepherd then we are called to be shepherds to the lost crazy hurting sheep out there. But I recall that shepherds were not very high on the socio-economic pecking order in the time that Jesus was born. However because of my lived experience of Jesus shepherding in my life I value him as a shepherd and give him a place of honour as a shepherd. I honour and exalt you King Jesus!

    My husband is a shepherd. He comes alongside many people and helps them in their walk in life. He inspires me and shows me what Jesus is like. He allows Jesus to shepherd him as he shepherds others. I love my husband!

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